I am a Certified Aggression and Behavioural Consultant and a member of the International Positive Dog Training Association (IPDTA), Truly Dog Friendly, Canadian Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and Canine first-aid certified.

I have two wonderful dogs of my own. Shyla is a White German Shepherd Husky mix. She is my decoy dog, (Which is a thoroughly socialized dog with great communication skills, and a resilient temperament that will not be harmed if the other dog reacts. She adjusts her behaviour according to the other dog and I will bring her along with me if I feel it's necessary.

My other dog Rusty is a 13 year old German Shepherd, Rotweiller mix,
that just loves playing with his best buddy Shyla!



Client Testimonials

Being a new dog owner, never having handled puppies before, I spent a lot of time trying to find the "right" trainer to teach me how to train my pup (Cappuccino - Sheppard/Collie mix) to become a balanced dog while he grows older. After much research and discussions, I selected to go with Brenna's Canine Connection. It was a great choice. Brenna catered to my dog's and my needs specifically, rather than trying to impose a standard set of training instructions. Not to mention the level of service offered via email/phone, as required, even after the paid training sessions are completed! As a result, I feel confident that with proper daily training on my part, my dog is well on his way to becoming a role model for other dogs, in the near future. Will recommend Brenna and her touch-free, custom training to anyone and everyone!

Reginald Navachandrabala


I really enjoyed working with you. You displayed great professionalism and your true love of dogs shines through your work.

Cody's Mom


Shortly after adopting an eight year old hound, I realized I needed help with some obedience/behavioural training to handle my new best friend. We were fortunate to connect with Brenna Wilson. She was so committed in providing me with some basic skills to manage my pet more effectively. She is a lovely person to work with, and exhibited such a caring manner not only for my pet but for me as well. We both needed her assistance and I am most grateful for what she taught me. I highly encourage anyone requiring training assistance with their dog to contact her and utilize her excellent skills in dog behaviour. You will be well rewarded by your decision.

Donna B.


Our experience with Brenna was wonderful! As soon as you meet her you can see how much she loves dogs. We had never gone through training before with any dog we had had previously and we were pleasantly surprised at how well and quickly it worked! With Brenna's assistance we were able to get our adopted boxer mix Nala to go from not even knowing how to sit, to being able to do almost everything that we asked her to do. Brenna was so personable that you felt like you were talking with an old friend when you were training which made the experience even that much better. And on top of it, I have to say Brenna is one of the honest people I know! We ended up over paying (because of a miscalculation on our part) and we would never have known the difference or any mistake, but she came back to our home and gave us back the difference, which was fairly significant! I would recommend her to anyone I know. Thanks again Brenna:)

Ashley, Nala's Guardian








Brenna Wilson, and her dog Rusty.



Brenna working with Cappuccino.



Brenna working with Sisco.


Bo, waiting to be told what to do next.

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