They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We say it is worth a thousand woofs!

Please take a look at our gallery which showcases all of the positive training
Brenna's Canine Connection teaches all over Durham Region and the GTA.






Brenna, training Roxy to wait –
positive reinforcement at its best!
Cody, being a good boy and listening to Brenna.
Arlen and Max –
Brenna is working with Arlen on his resource guarding.
Teaching good puppy manners to Tucker,
a 16 week Maltese.
The beautiful Winkie, currently Brenna is working
with her to curb destructive chewing
and house soiling issues. She is a very fast learner!
Sky enjoying some time in the bath!
Billa, learning how to stay.
(down stay
Bo a Harrier Hound with excessive barking issues.
One of the techniques used to control
his barking was teaching him to
"Speak" and "Shush" on command!
(down stay
Lexi, Rottweiler Cross, she was suffering from Separation Anxiety and could not be left alone because she become destructive, but she can now stay by herself all day
without being stressed.
Sam-Soon, a Bichon Cross, was having issues
with the other dog in the household.
She once guarded everything from the other dog,
she now knows how to share!
Blaze Diesel
Blaze, 6 month old Doberman,
learning some basic doggie manners.
Diesel, the 6 month old Chow, who had some
aggression problems with people coming into the
house and learned that aggression worked to get
what he wanted. Now Diesel is accepting to people
that come into their home, and his guardians
are now recognized as leaders.
Lily Nala
Lily, a 16 week Great Dane pup, and Brenna is teaching
puppy manners. Here she is teaching Lily bite inhibition
and to not put her mouth on people unless
invited to do so.
Nala, a one year old female Boxer mix that was
adopted from her guardians at the Humane Society.
Nala was taught basic obedience and doing a good job!
Nala and Lily on a "playdate."
They played until they dropped!

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